Building & COnstruction Industry

JMP products are used in a wide variety of sealing, cushioning and insulation applications in the building and construction industries. They exhibit consistent mechanical performance, outstanding durability, good thermal insulation and sound deadening properties. For exterior applications, grades with excellent UV resistance are available.

JMP foams are recommended for use as weather seals, condensation control, vibration control, insulation materials and fillers. JMP sealing and insulation products are designed for specific use in a range of applications throughout the construction industry, offering our customers a one stop shop for all their construction sealing product needs.

Products related to the Mining Industry:


At JMP we supply a variety Foam products, including Acoustical Absorbers, Diffusers, Sound Barriers as well as Construction Materials...


JMP manufactures sponge gaskets to any shape and size. We also convert the sponge into finished products.