Adult Face Shield


Adult Face Shield


Head piece is made from Safripol H713-06 and can be supplied in a variety of colours.

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All shield orders below 1 000 units must be collected at JMP offices, unless arranged otherwise!

Bulk deal
Quantity Price per unit
1 - 100 R24.50
101 - 1000 R22.05
1001 - 4000 R19.71
4001 - 10000 R17.31
10001 - 50000 R14.91

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 18.5 × 42.5 × 11 cm


Our Face Shield:
Our face shield design has been tested by medical professionals to ensure durability and approval of maximum protection from the implemented design.

Safripol Head Piece:
Open head piece allows for optimal airflow and anti-fogging.
Created head piece gap to allow for use with glasses, or masks if preferred.

PETG Visor:
400 Micron PET clear face shield with 180° frontal barrier to protect eyes, nose, mouth and ears.
All visors are replaceable for longevity and sanitary purposes.

Rubber Strap:
A comfortable rubber headband that can adjust to all different head sizes.
Also compatible with any elastic strap/band.