JMP Group, comprising of Natal Gaskets in Durban and John Moffat Prolock in Johannesburg, established in 1946, is a 51% black owned level 2 BEE internationally accredited (ISO) cutter, converter and provider of customized innovative and engineered solutions of industrial materials to various industries.


Our face shield design has been tested by medical professionals to ensure durability and approval of maximum protection from the implemented design. Open head piece allows for optimal airflow ...


At JMP we supply a variety Foam products, including Acoustical Absorbers, Diffusers, Sound Barriers as well as Construction Materials, Composite Insulation Foams...


JMP manufactures sponge gaskets to any shape and size. We also convert sponge into finished products for tool control inserts, roof closures, Sealing Strips...


JMP is a major converted and wholesaler of all types of rubber sheeting and rubber gaskets. We can supply Rubber sheeting in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from 1.5mm to 25mm...


At JMP we manufacture gaskets to recognised international specifications such as the SABS, BS (British standards) and ASME (American) and EN (European)...

Thermal & Acoustic Insulation

Our Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Products includes Non-Woven Wool, Shoddy Felt (made from recycled shredded fibres), Needle Punch Felt and Semi Closed Cell Nitrile.
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