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Fishbone Gasket

The Future of High Performance sealing is here


  • Helical concentric bevelled ribs each side covered with Graphite, PTFE or Mica
  • Unitary design with or without a centre ring.
  • Rounded, Non sharp contact surface
  • Unique stop-step design


  • Internally self-energized and by fluid pressure for better sealing performance
  • Interchangeable with all spiral wound gaskets and Camprofile gaskets
  • Will not damage flange surface like Camprofile gaskets and spiral wound gaskets
  • Prevents over-compression of sealing elements.


  • Critical Flange Applications
  • Steam Sealing
  • Low Emission Sealing
  • Fire Safe Requirements
  • High Pressure Flanges
  • Piping and equipment
  • Direct replacement of all Spiral wound gaskets and Camprofile gaskets.