Thermal Insulation Wool


JMP wool is a non-woven material that has excellent sound absorbing properties useful in many automotive applications, for example inside door panels, instrument panels, pillar stuffers, package trays, etc. It is compressible, fire-resistant, lightweight, and can be easily die-cut. A white or black polyolefin scrim on one side protects the fibres.

Thermal Insulation Shoddy Felt

Shoddy Felt

Shoddy is a nonwoven material made from recycled shredded fibres, such as cotton, which are needled and resin treated. This combination gives the material good sound dampening properties and acoustic control. As a result, automotive shoddy enables manufacturers to meet consumer demands for quieter cars, even in lower end models.

Thermal Insulation Needle Punch

Needle Punch Felt

Non-woven Geotextiles (polyester geotextile, non-woven geotextile) is also called the geotextile, it is permeable synthetic materials composed of synthetic fibre by acupuncture or woven. Finished cloth, the geotextile is divided into nonwoven geotextiles and geotextile. Geotextile has excellent filtering, isolation, reinforced protective effect, high tensile strength, good permeability, high temperature resistant, anti-freeze, aging resistance, corrosion resistance.

Thermal Insulation Semi Closed Cell Nitrile

Semi Closed Cell Nitrile

Semi Closed Cell Nitrile is a flexible thermal insulation material made form closed-cell, Elastomeric nitrile rubber, it is a Class 0 fire retardant sponge (FR) and meets most international fire and smoke standards. Semi Closed Cell Nitrile has good ozone and oil resistance and is commonly used in the following applications: Ducting, Roofing Insulation, Raised floor Insulation, Under slab Insulation, AC units, Transportation, Solar plumbing, Cold storage and Generator Acoustics.